The Burnt Truck

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CHRONIC MNCHERThe Burnt Truck is a treasure chest on wheels. I went in with under-inflated expectations, but was treated to delicious melted cheese, bursting through a beefy barricade of top-shelf angus. I wallowed in a state of absolute euphoria amid a fantastic mass of greasy goodness, with me, getting fatter and fatter with each bite. It was magical. In addition to the cheeseburger, I endeavored through the pastrami, meatball & pb&j sliders, all sensational in their own right.

Food does more than merely sustain us; it evokes emotion. And the Burnt Truck made me ecstatic.

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarhalfstar 9.2/10

SPACE TACO: My first encounter with the Burnt Truck was one of happenstance. I decided to take a dive one night and found this hamburger Holy Grail amongst a swarm of other food trucks. I started small, the cheeseburger and the pastrami. My first bite of the cheeseburger and I knew I had stumbled upon something magnificent. Just the right amount of cheese atop a generously sized angus beef patty. Not to mention the creamy mayo avocado spread that nearly destroyed all other burger dressings for me. I at first was nervous about the pastrami. I had just devoured the most perfect burger, what if this one doesn’t meet my expectations. It did not meet my expectations, it demolished them. Enough pastrami fit for a king and pickles on the cusp of cucumberdom atop a warm bun with just a hint of horseradish and I was floating in flavor. This shark was hooked.

Like a devoted disciple, I follow the Burnt Truck. Now half of the excitement is the adventure searching for the Burnt Truck, but each time I lay my eyes on the charcoal colored beacon of hope tucked away in a new location, I am filled with joy and anticipation like a child on Christmas. The Burnt Truck is my present under my Christmas tree, except it’s a grease wagon under the Hilton awning.

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarhalfstar 9.5/10


The Verdict: starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarhalfstar 9.35/10

The Burnt Truck roams around Orange County and you can hunt them down here http://www.theburnttruck.com.

You can also follow them on Twitter @TheBurntTruck and on Facebook