Sgt Pepperoni’s Pizza


CHRONIC MNCHER: I grew up in a time when
 Combat was spelt with a K, and Sgt Pepperoni’s Pizza is a portal back to that happy childhood. I got the BBQ chicken pizza. A heavenly slice of sunshine and cheeserays beaming onto my pallet. My mouth the altar, and Sgt Pepperoni’s the priest.

Food does more than merely sustain us; it evokes emotion. And Sgt Pepperoni’s made me nostalgic.

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarhalfstarblankstar 8.6/10

SPACE TACO: Pizza is one of life’s simple pleasures. It isn’t hard to find, but a good slice is like finding a parking spot in Newport on a Friday night. Sgt Pepperoni definitely taught me not to judge a pizza by its box. We were greated with a hearty hello and a free cannoli…we left the gun. The restaurant has a comfy hometown feeling. Various Beatles tribute art with a pizza twist clung to the red brick walls which were offset by the arcade machines and tvs playing a whole slough of sporting events. For me, feeling welcomed to a restaurant is a huge part of the experience, and Sgt Pepperoni’s definitely delivered.

I ordered a slice of meatball ricotta, and as a fan of the classics, pepperoni with a cold glass bottle of Coke. The pepperoni was perfection like they had it down to a science. The ricotta was fresh and the meatball well seasoned.

What sets Sgt Pepperoni’s apart from other venues were its peculiar attributes. Such as the man in the arcade who seemed to only be there to play pinball and not to eat, and the speakers and stage set up for what could only be a live band or karaoke.

Bottom line, Sgt Pepperoni’s delighted my tastebuds and warmed my heart. It clearly has the reputation as a place where you are welcome to spend some time enjoying the three p’s, pinball, people, and pizza.

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarhalfstarblankstar 8.5/10


The Verdict: starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarhalfstar 8.55/10

Sgt. Pepperoni’s is located at 2300 SE Bristol St, Newport Beach, CA 92660

You can follow them on Facebook HERE. 


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